Friday, August 3, 2012

As July Melts Away

   This is such a miserable time of year for gardening.  I look out the window and see all the plants struggling in the heat, grass is dry and brittle and downright painful to walk on, and if you do venture outside for a closer look, the heat sucks the breath out of you.   Creativity seems to melt away in this sweltering heat. 
     Fading garden, fading spirits and fading energy are all par for the course in July.  But, this is where all your hard work throughout the rest of the season can pay off….that is if you did it.  A plant, planted in the fall, and given the time to adjust and send out some good roots, will most likely deal with this heat by going dormant, as opposed to a plant that was put in the ground in June, which just swivels up and dies.  A plant living in amended soil is much happier than a plant trying to survive in our red clay which is more like a brick in July.  Doing some research and knowing which plants can tolerate hot dry conditions will help your garden survive the summer.
   Is it any wonder most people leave town and go on vacation in July?  Most will say it is to head to cooler areas for some relief, but I think it is so they will not have to look at the pitiful state of their garden.  Spend sometime this fall getting your garden ready for next summer and you may decide to stick around next July.


  1. I certainly need to get my garden better amended. This clay is frustrating!!!

  2. Your top picture is pretty close to how my yard is looking! I just joined your Followers group. I sure can relate to your post.

  3. Your post title is perfect for the weather we have been experiencing even up here in Canada. The heat has been relentless, and like so many other places, we have had drought.
    I often pick up plant bargains at this time of year, when temporary garden centers at supermarkets close. I have learned the hard way not to plant them out in the garden. I have a holding bed where I gather them together and lavish extra attention and water on them. Your hammock looks like the perfect place to pass the hottest part of summer. Enjoy!

  4. Wonderful idea! Like so many, I lost many plants to the drought, not to mention having knee surgery that kept me from the garden. This fall, I will try again to plant those lost flowers.

  5. Great advice! I do the majority of my heavy gardening in the fall, a bit more in the spring, and just maintenance in the summer. It keeps me sane. :o)