Friday, August 24, 2012

This Means War.....

     Three years ago my husband installed a 28’ long stream which cascades into a small pond.  This stream is at our nursery and serves as a visual for customers interested in a water feature.  It is also a place where I can grow our plants to show customers what that small plant they just bought will look like in a couple of years.  It is also my favorite place.  I never get tired of the sound the stream makes, and the sound changes as you travel around the area.  The water lilies are always beautiful and the cattails sway in the breeze.  Frogs hop into the water as I near it and dragon flies dart about.  But my fish are my pride and joy.  They are just dime store goldfish, bought with the intention of replacing them with expensive Koi, once I was sure fish would survive in the pond.  Over the past three years I have become attached to my cheap fish and this year they rewarded me with some new additions.  About a half dozen of the fastest ones avoided being eaten and are now large enough to swim with the big boys. 
     Last week my spot of paradise was disrupted when I walked outside and found a Blue Heron standing in the middle of my pond.  Yelling and waving my arms I chased the bird away, though I must admit, I was very impressed by its 6’ wing span.  I ran to the pond, relieved to see that my three large goldfish were still there, but not sure about all the babies, as they move around so fast.  The Heron has returned a few more times and I have repeated the same actions mentioned above.  One of us is going to win this battle and I have every intention of being the victor, just not sure how I plan to do it. 
     This Heron has no idea who he is dealing with.  I have previously spent a summer dealing with a family of groundhogs, who turned my garden into their personal ‘all you can eat’ buffet bar, so there is no way I’m letting this bird stake a claim on my pond.  Let the battle begin. 


  1. How are you going to win? If it were me against the bird, I'd be out of luck!

  2. We had an otter in Seaford that kept fishing in a neighbor's pond. Many put a piece of re-bar grating over the water where the fish are to discourage the herons. We have them here on the lake, call they Pterodactyls. hahaha

  3. Probably cant put out 28' of netting. What do you do with your tropical aquatic plants in winter? I just started a stock tank water garden and have purchased a few tropical s. I did overwinter a papyrus last winter inside with a south exposure.

  4. A heron ate 4 of our koi this spring. So bummed. We had a fish cave built in our pond a few years ago and that used to help because they had a place to hide, but I guess the heron was too quick for some of them this year. So sad. I hope you win the battle. I've heard about using fishing line stretched across the pond/stream.