Friday, July 20, 2012

Swimming With The Fishes

June was almost the perfect month.  The temperatures stayed somewhere is the low 80’s, almost no humidity and cool, pleasant evenings to sleep in.   But June decided to end in brutal fashion; temperatures in the 100’s, air dripping in humidity, and the evenings ... well, sleep was elusive.
     My only relief from this miserable couple of weeks has been my pond.  My pond is my obsession.  I can sit for hours watching the fish (and with great envy in this heat), admiring the water lilies and just listening to the frogs, birds and insects which call this pond home.   As tempting as it is, this pond is not for swimming.  The eco-balance took a couple of years to evolve and too much of my presence would disrupt the balance.  However, it can tolerate my being in it for short periods of time for maintenance, and I have been very diligent in my maintenance the past couple of weeks.  I have happily cleaned out aggressive plants, divided and fertilized water lilies, and cleaned out creeping roots from some of the hard to reach nooks.  
 The pond is only 30” deep, so only my arms and legs benefit from the cool water, but I’ll take it.
     It may not be a proven, scientific fact, but ask any pond owner and they will agree, that just the sound of water, seems to drop the temperature by ten degrees.  If you do not own a pond, you have no idea what you are missing.


  1. As hot as it has been lately and touch of water help refresh us. I do not blame you for wading in the pond. LOL! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I have a teensy frog pond made out of muck buckets I sunk into the ground. I'm never in the pond but I love knowing it's there and check it daily. It's home to a single frog and lots of bugs. I'd love to have a pond big enough to stick my feet into! :o)

  3. Glad you have a spot to cool your toes! It certainly has been hot.