Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sounds of Water

         Simon and Garfunkel wrote about the ‘Sounds of Silence’ but nothing compares to the sound of water.  If you have traveled Highway 16 in the Old Whitt area, you have probably noticed the waterfall project we have going on.  It has been quite the project.  Lots of rock…tons of rock, and big ones at that, compounded by a lot of heat…tons of heat.  My husband called me one afternoon and over the phone said ‘can you hear that?’  No, I could not, but I knew what he meant and I jumped in the car and headed over because I could not wait to hear the sound it made.  It was wonderful.  The sound of water immediately made it seem slightly cooler out, all psychological, but in this heat, I’ll take it.  You can buy CD’s of running water and babbling brooks as stress relievers, but nothing comes close to the real thing.  I have gone over there several times, fascinated by the sound and amazed at how memorizing it can be.  The sound, tone and volume change as you move around the falls, creating a sound you can never get tired of.  I went by yesterday and the waterfall was off because some pipe gluing needed to be done and was surprised at the void created by the absence of running water. 
     Soon the water will be back on permanently and our crew will leave the site after the landscaping is done.  It is at that time that nature will also be drawn to the sound of water.  Deer, raccoons, and birds of all kinds will find their way to it.  And maybe a bride or two will ask to use the waterfall as a photo backdrop.  The owners are good people and will probably oblige.   I know these customers will be spending many evenings enjoying the sound of their waterfall, the stress from the day floating away, as the fish glide gracefully through the water lilies and a chorus of frogs drown out the sound of the world and listen to the Sounds of Water. 

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  1. I just wish we could get the sound of water coming from the SKY!!! I do love the sound of our pond waterfall, though. And I have small bamboo fountains by my entrances because I love the sound of water by an entrance. Makes me feel cooler even though it is 105 day after day after day -- with no water coming from the sky.