Thursday, July 14, 2011

Herbs do not a Chef make....

And I am living proof of that statement.  We have several different herbs at the garden center, from Corsican, chocolate and orange mints to pineapple and tri-color sages.  We have Italian, Greek & regular oregano, along with lemon balm and lemon basil. 

 I love herbs.  I love the look and the smell of them and the endless possibility of uses amaze me.  I have had a rosemary bush in the garden for several years and each Thanksgiving I pull the weeds off it, cut a sprig and put it in with my turkey to cook.  The house is filled with its heavenly aroma, and that concludes my use of herbs.  There is a chef inside me trying to get out and experiment with all these herbs.  I can tell you what to do with them, but somewhere between the plant and the oven, things go down hill.  Case in point, my chicken spaghetti. 

How could such a delicious sounding recipe go so wrong?  I have had friends make good-hearted jest on facebook about my chicken spaghetti (you know who you are).  I’m beginning to fear that it will be used to scare young children…’If you don’t behave, Mrs. Rubner will make you some chicken spaghetti.’   So I will stick with growing herbs for customers, pass on some advice and as they drive off, wonder what culinary delights they will create using herbs.  In the mean time, I will decide what new and interesting herbs to carry next year.  But I will put my cooking skills to good use, I will tell the kids that if they do not clean their rooms this weekend I will make chicken spaghetti for dinner.  I’ll bet the rooms will be clean and maybe my husband will take me out for dinner…Hmmm, I could be onto something.

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