Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Birthday Is This Month.

      Over the years,I have recived so many wonderful gifts from my children, that I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but one stands out in it’s uniquness.  Several years ago, when my oldest daughter was nine years old, she memorized a poem as my gift and because we are in the nursery business, she chose Trees by Joyce Kilmer.   I would hear her in her room every evening practicing and getting a little further each day.  I would sometimes hear the frustration in her voice through the floor, but she stayed with it.  On the day of my birthday, she appeared in my room at sunrise,with her hands clasped  tightly together and her eyes shining with anticipation.  She recited the poem to me, hardly taking a breath, as if it were one long sentence, but it was the most beautiful poem I had ever heard.  So in honor of my birthday, here is Trees by Joyce Kilmer:


  1. Oh, I love that! That would melt my heart to hear a child recite that poem from memory !!! Very sweet :-) Happy Birthday!