Thursday, June 16, 2011

If I were lost on a deserted Island and could only have one plant........

 it would be this one. Nepata Walker's Low.  If you do not have this plant, you need to seriously ask yourself why not.  I’ll give you the top 9 reasons to have Nepata Walker’s Low (9 because Letterman has cornered the market on the Top Ten List)

        9   Starts blooming early and continues all summer
        8   Beautiful lavender colored spikes
        7    Reminds you of lavender but without the hassle
        6    Aromatic foliage
        5    Attracts bees
        4    Attracts butterflies
        3   Attracts people (constantly asked about it)
        2   Tolerates full, hot sun
        1   Give it a haircut in early summer and be rewarded with fresh
  If this picture looks familiar...just look up.  It's my blog banner.

I can go out in the evening and find bees sleeping on the flowers, probably waking up the next morning with a pollen hangover and wondering where they left their keys.
Nepata is also known as catmint (not catnip).  I have two cats and they couldn’t care less about this plant.  It performs best in full sun and has beautiful blue-green foliage which releases a scent when brushed against.  Walkers Low is named for a garden in England not its growth habit, as it reaches a 3’ height and spread.  So after reading this I’m sure you are asking yourself, ‘Why don’t I have this plant?’


  1. I have several 'Walker's Low,' and I just love it. It is the 2007 Perennial of the Year, you know :-) I just found out last year that giving it trim about right now (June) does wonders for it. It rebounds right away. I have it planted near 'John Fanick' summer phlox and it makes a pretty combination. Also looks great near Salvia greggii. Actually I think it would look good next to just about anything. Oh, next to Knock-Out Roses, too. :-)

  2. I lost a bunch of perennials as my garden was drowned by flooding last year- this is one I miss! I cant wait to replace- BUT not sure where to put yet- since city hasnt changed the quarry's permission of dumping millions of gallons of water- yet. (and its purple- like 70% of my flowers!)