Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Kingdom For A Blowtorch

     I have received a number of interesting birthday and anniversary gifts from my husband, over the years.  One year, I got a laser level, which the husband uses to shoot elevations for his jobs.  Another year, I got a miter saw, which the husband uses to cut boards when he installs synthetic turf.  And yet another year, I got a high powered pressure washer which had so much power I actually gouged the wood on my porch pillars, so now the husband uses it to clean customers drives and patios.  I have been strongly hinting for a blow torch, but to no avail, either because the husband has no use for one, or he is afraid I will actually use it.  And I would.

     I have this great desire to create yard art from scrap metal and some of the ideas will defiantly require a blow torch and a welding gun.  So if my husband is reading this, I need both!  The idea started when we were driving in the mountains and came upon a house with large and incredible structures made of scrap metal.  One piece was an abstract flower, another was a very large cactus and yet another was some four legged beast which I won’t bother describing because I would not do it justice.  But it was the totem pole made from an oil drum that sparked my desire. 

I have been envisioning some of these fantastic pieces dominating my garden, which may be another reason I have not received my blow torch.
     I have a birthday coming up in a few months and an anniversary a couple months after that.  If I have not received my blow torch for either of these, there is always my husband’s birthday.  Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner?


  1. I agree, you NEED both those items!! Boy, I love that cactus sculpture and I also like creature. (I was going to call it a dog or a dinosaur or something...settled on creature) I believe you are well within your right to get either for him for his birthday if you don't get one for yours! I really like that cactus. You could make some really cool art.

  2. If I had a blowtorch, I'd probably set myself on fire. Forget the birthday! Girl, go buy your blow torch!!

  3. The cactus is great! I hope you'll get the best blowtorch!

  4. I say go out and get it and then say "honey, look what I got for you!" and then say "I'm going to test it for you...gotta be sure it works properly!".