Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions, Smesolutions

     My favorite New Year’s toast is:  ‘May all your worries this year last as long as your New Year’s resolutions’, but this year I’m hoping to make some garden resolutions to have a lasting effect throughout the year.  So here are my resolutions:
·        Learn – I have learned that I can still learn.  Winter is a great time to curl up with several good gardening magazines, or take a course through your local agricultural extension.

·        Right plant, right place – I promise to try hard to bypass that amazing shade plant and not try to convince myself that a couple hours of morning shade equals deep shade.

·        Weed in winter – Forget the gym, bend and stretch those muscles as you pull those winter weeds.  You will feel the pain the next morning but reap the benefits in spring.

·        Prune and pinch with a vengeance – Remember that overgrown plant that was a mess this summer?  Come winter and the loss of foliage, it doesn’t look so bad now, but next summer you’ll regret it, so PRUNE.

 ·        Get the kids involved – They need to get some fresh air and away from the TV, plus many hands make for less work.  Raise some future gardeners.
·         Is there a plant you have been coveting?  Go ahead and treat yourself and your garden to something special (just remember right plant, right place)
·        Stop and smell the roses – We are all so busy with work, kids and activities that we forget to stop and appreciate what is around us.  Even with gardening, I so often focus on a plant or have my head down pulling weeds or digging that I forget to stop, look and enjoy.
     So with this New Year, I hope your worries are few and your garden glorious. 


  1. Now, those sound like great resolutions and easy to keep :-) Have a wonderful year!

  2. I'm trying to remember the one about the weeds! I need to get out there right now!

  3. I enjoyed your post! Since this winter is so warm, some weeds are getting so lush (if you can say that about weeds)!
    I need to make my New year resolutions too!

  4. Love your resolutions! Especially pulling weeds in winter, so obvious yet I never do it. Psyched to have just found your blog!