Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fair Is In Town

     I know this is a ‘Gardening” column, but if you read it you know I stretch it a bit, so today I’m in the mood to stretch a bit more.  The Alexander County Agricultural Fair is in town. 

There is something about the fair that intrigues us.   While the Midway pulls us with the smell of sawdust, the sweet taste of cotton-candy and the calliope music coming from the Carousel, if you look past the huge stuffed bears and bowls of goldfish waiting to be won with ping pong balls, and head to the Exhibit Halls, it is there you will find the heart and soul of our county.  You can find information about our schools and local Community College; local organizations such as Rotary, Ruritan and of course the Lions, who sponsor the Fair.  Boy Scouts, FFA and 4-H will be represented, along with the Sons of the Revolution.  

 The Republican and Democrat parties will also be there (in separate corners). 

You can get information about the Brushy Mountain Quilters Guild, the Beekeepers Association and the Alexander County Soil & Water Conservation, along with several more which I apologize for leaving out.  The Livestock Hall will of course feature cattle, sheep, pigs and fowl.  Entrants for judging must be residents from Alexander County and the entries range from painting, baskets and jams to pumpkins, crops and livestock, showcasing the interests, talents & abilities of the people that make our area so unique.  You may find a friend or neighbors name next to a Blue Ribbon, discovering a hidden talent you knew nothing about, or inspire you to submit an entry next year.

    So take a ride on the Ferris wheel for an aerial view of our county, but walk the halls for a much closer look to what makes Alexander County a great place to live.

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