Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why I Garden

People ask me if I ever get tired of running a nursery and why I garden.  The first question is easy; no.  The second question is a bit more complicated to answer because there are so many reasons behind it.  I say I garden because it is cheaper than therapy, but if you saw my plant wish list, that point could be debatable, but it is emotional therapy.
Just wandering in the garden raises my spirits and heals my soul and refreshes my senses.  Christian Bovee is quoted "To cultivate a garden is to walk with God" and I do feel closer to God as I witness the miriacle of spring.
  I can't paint or draw, so the garden becomes my canvas and flowers become my paint.
 The garden is also where I try my hand at photography. Plants are very patient and will allow numerous pictures to be taken without complaint. It gives us hope for the future as we plan our garden for the seasons we envision ahead.   Gardening creates a  sense of community.  I have never meet a stranger who gardens, as we find ourselves talking for hours and looking forward to our next visit.  It’s what keeps me going through February, anticipating an early spring in March or staying patient till April.  Time can pass so pleasantly in the garden as I weed and listen to my daughter read out loud. 
My children flourish in the garden; the blank stare that I see on their faces as they watch TV disappears as they begin to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the garden and we sometimes even have a long conversation about nothing at all.  It is a place of peace and joy and the daily worries tend to weaken or fade away once you step into the garden.  I garden for the pure pleasure of it, which sums up, all of the above.
I told you the second answer was complicated, but anyone who truly loves gardening, understands.


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  2. I found your blog on Blotanical. It's so true how gardening makes us kindred to other people even when we might not otherwise have anything in common. Happy blogging!

  3. Welcome to Blotanical! You should visit Kelli Boyles' blog
    Kelli calls herself "Why I Garden"...

  4. Hi:
    I'm new to Blotanical and just checking through some of the other recent additions. I completely agree with the idea of gardening as therapy. I say the same thing all the time. It brings me peace, especially seed starting and potting up. Feel free to visit me at

  5. I understand :-) Enjoying your blog!